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Whitening Skin Polish

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Radiance Blonder Volume Formulated with Conditioner And Cooling Effects. This Advanced, Proprietary Blend Dilevers Perfect Consistency For Easy Application. A Unique Complex of Active Conditioners Provides Conditioning And Shine. Leaves Hair Looking Healthy, With deep Luminious Blond.

How To Apply:

Place The Neccessary Amount of Pweder in a Non-Metaluc Container, Slowly and Radiance Blonder Volume, Mix Well And Use a Brush to Apply to The Hair To Be Whitened Leave For 10 to 20 Minutes. According to Hair's Condition Rinse With Plenty of Water and Apply Toner To Normalize The Skin PH. Suitable for All Skin Type.


Aqua, Ethylenedminatertraacetic, N-Phenylacetamide,Trihydroxylphosphie Oxide, Hexadecyl(Trimethyl)Azanium Chloride,Dihydrogen Dioxide, Peg-12 Cetyle Ether, Ethoxylated C16-C18 Alcohols , Fatty Alcohols C16-C18, Parriffinum Liquid, Tris(2-Hydroxyethyl)Amine, Propan-2-Yl Tetradeconate, Hydrpgenated, Cocunut Oil, Tri Sodium Phosphate, Disodium Pyrophosphate, Oxyquinoline Sulfate, Blended Preservatives, Fragrance.

Facial Wash:

Contain Whitening Aget and Easy To Use. Complete Blond Hair Within No Time. Perfect For Highlights And Complete Whitening, As it is Delicate On the Hair , Reveals Up Pre Redheads Brightens-up Brunettes. Work Quickly Easily And Glowing Skin. Added Conditioners Ingredients To Help Maintain Skin Moisture And Excellent Conditioning Effect.


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